• Martin Bosley

Tuesday 22nd January 2019

Weather - 1 degree, snowing heavily at 17:55 hrs

The snow has arrived!

Since 3pm today it has been snowing and we now have at least 3 inches and it's not stopping!  The weather forecast here is for -3 from 11pm so it's not going to be fun tomorrow.... All we can do is keep the horses safe and warm. 

Our runner on Thursday,  Catheadans Fury is ready to run at Chelmsford and being a sprinter she will just need a leg stretch in the indoor school tomorrow which she loves going in daily regardless of what the weather is doing.  Lets hope the snow has all gone by Thursday morning.... This snow today was not forecast!  We did not receive an ideal draw of 1 as she is a hold up horse..... she will do her best as she always does....she tries her little heart out.  Catheadans Fury is in good form at home and you could say that she looks stronger than her previous runs.  Good luck Team.

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