Sunday 9th February 2020

Exceeding Power has retired from racing!

Unfortunately, he has sustained a bang on his foreleg which is showing a weakness in his tendon. He is being a good patient and with time and patience he will be out in the pens, enjoying the grass in April. This will prepare him for the summer in the fields, the start of his retirement.

He has been the most wonderful racehorse winning 10 races (£73,000) over every distance from 6f to 12f and he made his close 10 seconds as thrilling as his wins (in 40 runs he finished in the first 4!) He ran in 61 races having run from 2yrs to 9yrs rated 62 to 92, completing his career on a mark of 85....not bad for a 9yr old!

He has been a strong character having the last word on many occasions at home but his honesty and consistency on the racecourse has been unbelievable, second to none. He was never a fashy work horse at home (saved himself for the tracks) and he was never asked to do anymore at home than he wanted to do!

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with him during his racing career; his fantastically patient owners (Fran, Val, Mary, Jan and Katharine - The Chalfonts), his home Team (Sarah, Martin, Emily and Lucy) including Racing Manager Jim, his amazing Vet - Olwen, his patient Farrier - Ian, his Chiropractor - Olwen and his Jockeys - George, Rab and Tom.

Exceeding Power loves his grass turnout days so he is in for a huge treat and for many years ahead of him.

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