• Martin Bosley

Sunday 3rd May 2020

Normal equine duties here at Bowstridge Farm, waiting and praying on how the Covid-19 virus is going to take its course. Praying that we are going to be safe, stay well and get back to some sort of normality so that racing can continue before too long!

Lockdown seems to be slacking around us and many other areas with people believing the government are going to ease the restrictions shortly. The guide has to be the number of deaths per day/week with current figures dictating that we are still at a concerning stage. Racing leaders seem to think we will race in two weeks but personally I’m still not sure it can be managed logistically and safely but that is my opinion.

We are all desperate to be racing as soon as possible but this is as serious as it gets when all humans are at risk from an invisible life threatening virus. Vaccine trials have started but currently we have no definite vaccine to protect us. At the end of the day the government will give the green light to the Racing Industry as and when they feel we are all in a safe position to start racing again.

Last week was an interesting one with quizzes and fund raising for Racing Welfare! Martin and Sarah were individually nominated to do the Raw Egg Challenge which they did without too much fuss and raised a few pennies for Racing Welfare, a very important charity particularly at this current time.

The dreaded Raw Egg challenge - Sarah drinking the raw egg and Martin watching in fright before his turn!

Later today we will be looking forward to watching ‘Luck on Sunday’ at 5pm with Ralph Beckett, Roger Charlton and Jamie Osborne regarding the start of racing and other topics.

Front Five yesterday who has had 3 years off the track in work with Martin on board.

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