• Martin Bosley

Sunday 23rd August 2020

Talk about the ups and downs of horse racing, the last 10 days were certainly that at Bowstridge Farm. A week ago last Thursday we had a lovely winner with the gutsy Catheadans Fury at Bath. The same evening, into the early hours of Friday we had thunderstorms and lightning. During the storm, the lovely Burnt Cream was fatally struck by lightning! So tragic, so upsetting for everyone involved with her. She was a fast 5f race horse winning 5 races from Bowstridge Farm..... her enthusiasm was second to none! She had settled into the retirement life well and certainly enjoyed the last three years of field life. R.I.P Burnt Cream Burnt Cream enjoyed her field life

Also in the field was Exceeding Power and Franklin Lakes who at first appeared to be fine. On approaching Exceeding Power you could see blood pouring from his nostrills, he was uncomfortable and needed help. The 25yr old Franklin lakes was fine and grazing.

Our Vet was called immediately and arrived within 20 mins. Exceeding Power’s heart rate was extremely high, as high as it could go and had no rhythm. He needed help immediately or he would have a heart attack! Drugs were slowly injected, helping to slow the heart to get the rhythm back - 50/50 for this to work..... It felt like the longest 10 mins (felt like my heart was going to need the same) and on completion, the relief of seeing him still stood upright was wonderful. The next four days were going to be touch and go for the steroids, antibiotics and pain relief to work. He was exhausted, looking like he was concussed but each day he improved, becoming more and more demanding, just like his old self!

Exceeding Power looking bright just two days after his horrific ordeal

We still have a way to go for recovery but he’s eating and drinking well. He’s loving his daily routines and saying ‘hello’ to his old friends. We cannot thank our Vets enough for their fantastic work and dedication to Exceeding Power. The messages have been amazing and we thank everyone for their support.

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