• Martin Bosley

Sunday 14th February 2021

Happy Valentines!

What a cold week; snow, ice and winds with a chill factor of -12 degrees. Frozen water troughs, thick ice having to be broken to get to the drinking water for the field horses. Ad-lib hay daily in the fields with hard feed to happy rugged up horses. The stabled and in training horses have been rugged up head to tail keeping warm on clean deep beds. Our horses on exercise are wrapped up in our winter thick exercise sheets and on their return back to their stables wrapped back up in their head to tail rugs. It’s been that cold some of the all weather meetings were cancelled last week!

A busy week ahead but no runners until week commencing 22nd February unless additional meetings put on!

Next runners are Catheadans Fury, Zefferino and Champion Chase. Recent NH meetings have been abandoned due to snow and or frozen ground. Due to abandonments there will be double the amount of entries and therefore we may struggle to get a run.... mostly frustrating for Champion Chase!

Zefferino working on Saturday with the retired Exceeding Power looking on.... probably giving advice!

Catheadans Fury with Emily in her workout in the school

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