• Martin Bosley

16th June 2019

Back to Brighton on Tuesday with Helfire and a new horse, 3 yr old Loving life.

Loving Life arrived with us having already had four runs and unfortunately gained a low handicap mark of 41. There are races for low rated horses but they tend to be over subscribed making it difficult for a 41 rated horse to run in a race. However, on this occasion Loving Life has managed to get in a race! Brighton is a tricky course requiring good balance and stamina whatever the trip hence, not too many entries on Tuesday. The distance is on the short side for her and all down hill for the first five furlongs but we are hoping she can stay on up the hill in the final two furlongs. Loving Life has grown since she arrived with us as a 2 yr old ready to show what she can do.

Loving Life below with Emily Scarles

Helfire is ready to go again, thriving off her runs and through no fault of her own has dropped to a low mark of 55 (2nd off this mark in April). Trip is 7f which is on the short side for her these days but if she can settle into a comfortable gear she should be thereabout’s...... in good order at home.

Helfire below with Jennifer Pahlman

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