Our Facilities

At Bowstridge Farm, we have superb modern facilities over an area of 160 acres consisting of grassland and all weather gallops.  We have a 6 furlong all weather equitrack gallop with a 2 furlong circular trotting/canter track, an all weather schooling ground, turf schooling ground, indoor school, large eight horse walker, lungeing ring, turnout pens and turnout paddocks.

To gain optimum fitness, the horses are trained on either the grass or the all weather gallop which is level for 4 furlongs then climbs gradually for the final 2 furlongs.  For warming up exercises, schooling and muscle toning we have the invaluable indoor school.  The varying facilities provide an excellent means for training the young to older horses - flat and national hunt, over all distances.

The equitrack surfaces we train on are excellent to condition horses for the racecourse and generally benefit horses that suffer from foot problems.

Part of the 2 furlong cicular canter track


Morning Canter.jpg
Hurdles - Copy.jpg
Steeplechase fences.jpg

We have an all-weather schooling ground with Easyfix hurdles and a grass schooling area which includes steeplechase fences.